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How to Get Ahead

All of us take part in competitions in one way or another.

You might not notice, but ever since our childhood, we take part in competitions. For example, to encourage the child to eat more, the parent will compete with his child at meal. In school, school tests are a kind of competition. We compete with each other to see who learns the best in class. When we grow up and go to work, the first competitor we encounter is time. We compete with time in order not to be late for work.

Competition exists nearly every minute. Americans like to encourage their children to get ahead in competition in order to be successful, but how to get ahead in a competition? The day before yesterday, when I watched my friends taking part in a football competition, it comes to me that time management is a very important factor in winning a competition. One needs to control the time well in order to get ahead in competition.

At the beginning of the 20 minutes football competition, every player was energetic and ran almost nonstop. No score was recorded in the first half, because the two teams were comparable. But the tide turned in the second half. All of my friends were exhausted after the first half. They tried so hard in the first half that they were almost exhausted in the second half. The opposite team took advantage of this and scored 4 in consecutive. My friends' team had a devastating defeat. Poor my friends. I observed that the fatal weakness of my friends' team lies in poor time management. They should have allocated the time and energy properly and reserved strength in the second half. Paying close attention to time management in a competition is very important.

Likewise, when we are taking part in a test, we need to ensure we do fast in order to have enough time to finish the whole exam. Otherwise, you will fail. In my daily life, I often wear a watch to remind me of proper time management.

To conclude, time management is a very important factor in getting ahead.