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How to Look Great in Christian Louboutin Eugenies

Wearing heels can get a lady all the attraction she wants, but at a cost. The cost is not the price of the high heels that the footwear comes with but it is the pain that is caused by slipping into the high heel footwear. No doubt that a lady would look really graceful while walking in heels - but the pains comes with it.

Walking on heels can't be that bad in case the ladies know how to wear these and walk gracefully. Ladies could be looking at the local market for the heels, or could be browsing the internet for the imitations like the Christian Louboutin replicas or could actually be going for the original designer range for that matter. Unless, she would not purchase a comfortable pair of footwear with heel, she can forget about wearing heels to steal the show.

The gorgeous Christian Louboutin Eugenie Suede Blue Pump can't even help a lady to pull through the show if she is not wearing one which fits her right. Hence, the journey to walk with heels starts the moment a lady purchases a pair. While purchasing a pair of footwear with high heels, walk wearing them to take a test drive. Walk across the store and see if these are as comfortable while walking as well, as these were when these were slipped into. Look around in the store to find some comfortable show cushion which could be hidden in the shoe and could make the ladies walk comfortable.

Practicing walking on heels while at home would help the feet to get accustomed to balance the body weight on the toe rather than the entire feet as in case of the flat footwear. A lot of moisturiser and a couple of band aids would help as the bite is quite obvious. At small intervals, take the feet off the footwear and let it relax for a while and then slip into these again. This would be a break through activity which would help the feet get used to the heels.

On the day which the lady wants to look all that special and graceful, she should not only walk well wearing these high heels but should have the right attitude as well. It is the right attitude which would accentuate the look of the footwear, adding to your overall charisma. For the ladies who are a little apprehensive about what if they tumble down - the ladies should make a rule that in case of a calamity like such they would need to be as calm as possible. Rather than getting embarrassed, just stand up and start to walks straight as if noting happened. Though, with the practice one would have wearing these high heels back home would not let that catastrophe happen. Never the less, it is good to be prepared.

Another thing, one should not be purchasing cheap heels in case it is for the first time one would be stepping out in public, flaunting the heels.