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Skechers Launch Shape Up Shoes For a Gym Body While Walking the

Skechers trainers are a familiar brand; easily recognisable due to endorsements from many celebs at the peak of their fame as well as a distinctive style which is globally known. Because they have a reputation for being trendy and fashionable, many youngsters and stylish adults alike are fans of the brand.

Now Skechers have released their new Shape Ups, which are toning shoes designed especially to enable you to lose weight simply by walking in them. The shoes are hugely popular at the moment as health and fitness is becoming an increasingly popular market as a growing number of people are joining gyms and getting more health conscious.

As well as improving posture and blood circulation, Skechers Shape Ups also firm buttock muscles, strengthen back muscles and tones muscle, including the core area where the abdominals are located plus they can help to reduce cellulite.

It may seem mad to think that Skechers footwear can have all of these effects that were thought to only be achievable through spending plenty of hours down the gym. However, the trainers achieve the same results through recreating the effect that walking in barefoot on sand has on the body - this makes the body work harder to balance and so uses your muscles more as you walk.

What makes the Shape Ups Skechers shoes appeal to so many is that as well as being fashionable to wear with jeans and a vest top just out and about on the high street, they can be worn in everyday life whilst toning up your body. So you can just be carrying out your ordinary necessary tasks in general life, such as vacuuming, walking the dog or shopping while achieving a toned gym body at the same time. So for those who don't have time for the gym, just don't like it or want something to use as well as the gym, these toning shoes are ideal.

Other designs by the brand, such as Skechers boots are also hugely popular. Their synthetic leather exterior, fur lined boots are another huge hit which have been trending massively over the last year or so with lots of celebs spotted out and about in similar styles.

But traditional Skechers footwear in their laidback Californian style remain the hot favourites in their collection, with men, women and children alike favouring the funky styles and beach colours that the shoes are available in. This way of serving up a bit of all-American life is what has made the company so popular all over the world, as for women the trainers can still be feminine while for the boys, they don't have to look so generic and old-fashioned.