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Tony Robbins - Personal Power II - Day 22 - Create Self-Confiden

Day 22, Part II

After just learning about how to eliminate self-sabotage, Tony turns our attention to creating unstoppable self-confidence.A� How can we turn it on when needed? Can it be a more constant state of mind?A� Self-confidence brings one a sense of power and certainty in the moment.A� ItA� seems to produce a certain "knowing" that one has the capacity to handle whatever is being thrown at them.

Before checking further about self-confidence, let's look at at how it fits in with your life change. Tony presents a "Potential> Action>Results> Beliefs>back to Potential" cycle. Eliminating self-sabotage and building self-confidence will provide the breakthroughs so you CAN begin to put this cycle into effect while you build momentum.A� Being able to control your emotions will enable you to operate more efficiently.

There are 3 primary ways to create any emotion.

1).A� Physiology plays a huge role affecting our emotional state. How we move, our breathing patterns, our facial expressions, etc. actually cause chemical cascades in our brains that cause specific emotions based on what chemicals are released.

So, the quickest way to instill the feeling of self-confidence is to radically change your breathing, gestures, movement and facial expressions.

Here's some fun you can try: Get up and walk around your room as though you have all the self confidence in the world! Strut, swagger, play with it. Keep it up for a few minutes. Really.

How does that make you feel? When I did it, I took a kitchen apron, slung it around my neck so the apron part was like a super-hero's cape. I felt fantastic! (I was also still in my pink fluffy robe and pajamas.) What a picture I must have made!

2).A�A� Second, Control your mental focus. By asking questions like, "What's the best way to complete this project now?" or "What's the best way to get this done and have a blast doing it?" You will find better answers by asking better questions.

Consciously choosing what questions to ask has also worked wonders.A� We're already asking questions in our heads all day long, so we might as well ask GOOD ones!

3).A�A� Finally, pay attention to what you believe and whether or not your beliefs are empowering. Have the courage to change any core beliefs that do not serve you to improve your life. Change from "I've never done that before, so I can't do it now," to "If I can imagine it, then I can achieve it."

You can add these questions as well; If I am committed, there's a way to do it.

If I need help, I can get help.

If it doesn't work out, I can learn something and try again.

Your Assignment:

Recall five of your greatest successes and write a paragraph describing each one.

Use these examples to remind yourself that there are always options and that knowledge can help to strengthen your self-confidence. Isn't that what you want, anyway?